Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Toys

In a few weeks it will be Spring Break and I will be heading over to the West side to see my sister and her family in Seattle and I cannot WAIT because this means not only will I get to see Whitney and Steve, I will get to meet their first baby boy and my newest nephew Riggs William Harness (who you can see more about here http://riggs366.blogspot.com/).
So as I was thinking about all the fun things we were going to be doing and how I couldn't wait, I remembered my camera. While it's not horrible, it is definitely old, chunky, and in need of a replacement. So, I went ahead and (with some advice) got the Canon ELPH 300 HS Powershot point and shoot digital camera. I do not claim to be any great photographer, or even good, but I am so happy to finally have something that can take some good pictures for me!
I thought it would be fun to experiment with it now and learn how to use it fully before going on my little vacay in March. So I took a few pictures of some of the things I love in my room <3

Skype Time with Riggsy

New notebook (see last post!), m&ms and V8- what better!?

Theodore mean muggin me

WSU!!!!!!! and pink <3

* After some Zumba *

My newest love, will post on this some more later...

Have always loved piggy banks and love notes from my love<3

If you know me well, you know how important this "rag" aka my blankie is to me

Hope you liked the pics, I love love love the camera, so fun AND easy.


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  1. 1. just so you know, you're blankie is looking worse than ever. lol.
    2. I love the picture of you skyping with Riggy and I
    3. The picture of your goldfish is really good! I love the colors.
    4. I love this whole post, so cute to see everything you do there in Pullman!
    5. I love you!