Monday, April 18, 2011

Philippines Food Night!

Tonight Carlo and I fried up the rest of the Tapa we made together.
If you are confused as to what "Tapa" is- it's a Filipino food, beef strips marinated in garlic, soy sauce, sugar and other stuff (if you want to make it HERE is the recipe we used)
Five months ago I had no clue what Tapa even was, but after spring break Carlo's mom sent us home with some that were frozen so that all we had to do was fry it up when we got here. Well, I loved it. Loved it! So we finished off the stuff she sent us and proceeded to ask her for the recipe so that we could attempt it ourselves.
We went to Wal Mart this last weekend and picked up all the ingredients, then came home and made a HUGE batch (if that's the right word.) It's a bit (ok a LOT) different than Flor's, but still delicious! And tonight's was very yummy! So maybe by the time I need to, I will be able to successfully cook Filipino food! I'm learning anyways- I'm learning :)

So happy and hungry and ready to eat!

The overall meal- Egg + Rice + Tapa = Delicious/Tapsilog!

A close-up :P

So if your mouth wasn't watering from the description, hopefully these pictures helped! 

I am so thankful for everything, and tonight was one of those nights that really made me realize what a lucky girl I am.


Thursday, April 7, 2011


I am, once again, supposed to be working on a paper about Marxism. A one-page piece of busy work.
So, I decided to blog instead :)

Today I realized the power of talking to your professors. Especially ones whose class you sit in the front row and stare at every day as they break pieces of chalk and create chalk storms in their problem solving.
After receiving a high grade on a recent math test I went in to talk to my professor about what the grade meant as far as my overall grade for the class. He promptly listed off on how he didn't grade with straight percentages and how he assessed the class and its members at the end of the semester. He then went on to congratulate me on the high grade on the test and how I was going to get an A in his class because I was always there and did well on the homeworks. Thank you for making my day Professor Spock :) Yes. He looks EXACTLY like Spock*. But he is very nice and a good teacher so.. no bad feelings.

My bags are packed for Seattle tomorrow and I am on my way to figuring out where I will be living next year. I HAD been placed in a double room with two other roommates, which I quickly tried to get out of, and am awaiting a reply from my hopefully future dorm manager. I am currently trying to get side-by-side rooms with my current roommate in a hall that has single rooms in what used to be double rooms. With large windows. So, much better than the three girls in a double room! Plus I'll have my favorite little roomie close by :)

I am looking forward to being home for the summer. But, not looking forward to the job searching and job. I am trying for something pharmacy related if you know anyone let me know!!! Even without pay, I will work two jobs if I can get an internship or something. Wouldn't that be amazing?

I wish I was going into a field that I could do work from home. Wouldn't that be nice? Although, I suppose it would get boring.  You can't have everything.

I find it amazing that I have four short weeks left of school. Two real weeks, dead week, then finals week. Crazy!

I am meeting with my advisor soon to discuss which classes I will be taking next year, but it's looking like it's going to be full of O-Chem, Bio, and Math. Fun.....

Well I should go finish this paper now :)

One more day until Seattle! In 24 hours I will have just finished a yummy dinner at Bahama Breeze! Can't Wait!

*This is my teacher :) He really is awesome though!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Right and Wrong

So many thoughts have been flowing through my mind.

Opening up.
Letting it out.
Which choice is right? Which is better for me?

Matthew 7:13

A paper.
A test.
A lab report.
Math problems.

3 days until Mom and Seattle.
I can't wait!


p.s. If you're into remade/retold fairy tales (who isnt?) I just finished a book called The Rose and the Beast by Francesca Lia Block. WARNING: This is not a book for children. Fairy tales with a darker, modern twist. Gotta say- disturbing. But interesting nonetheless.

Another, more lighthearted retelling is the Princess and the Hound by Mette Ivie Harrison (how can you not love the name?)

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Little Bit....

Is the title of my new favorite song. Sung by Lykke Li (pronounced Lick-E-Lee), Swedish indie singer whose music style, voice, and fashion style I love.


She also seems to have a simple outlook on life, and I find it a nice break from the everyday grind of labs and homework to read about her adventures around the world. Watch her video of Little Bit.

I am also loving rain lately. Not that I didn't before. But the pitter patter on the window next to me brings so many thoughts and feelings. Memories of camping when I was young. Of writing stories in a blue notebook. Of rolling around in the deep puddles my street at home acquires. Of what I should be working on.

The feeling of the rain on my toes as I wore my sandals to dinner was delightful and cold.
The feeling of warmth as I am under the covers looking out at the clean green wet world.
The grass is green.
There are daffodils blooming in front of my door.
The world is coming back to life with the rain.

Four days until Seattle.

Back to work.