Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kony, Facebook, and Time

First, yes I am going "jump on the band wagon" and post about Kony 2012.

If you have not seen the viral video you can watch it here, but if you are even somewhat connected to the world, I 'm guessing you've seen it.

I gotta admit I was pretty touched by the video, and think the cause is a good one. So I was pretty shocked when I saw all the negativity it sparked on places like facebook and youtube videos (which had nothing to do with Kony 2012, someone had just started a comment war). I couldn't believe people wouldn't support something like this, though I can see how it's controversial.
People posted links showing how not all the donations went directly to the fund, but instead to things like transportation and compensation. Others posted how "people are JUST NOW caring? This is old news, and I honestly don't care about some crack pot youtube video maker" (real quote).

Now, I believe this is taking it a little far. People claiming that those "jumping on the Kony bandwagon" are dumb, don't even realize they've jumped on one as well. The hater band wagon (yes hater), some people always need to have a negative approach to things, and I'm sorry but that just gets old.
While I believe that money in charities should be going to the cause, I think it's also important to remember if there weren't people who could carry out the aid and be there in the thick of the cause, there wouldn't be one. So without some of the money going towards compensation or travel costs, there could not be a charity at all. If you've ever participated in charity or volunteer work, you would know the crazy amount of work, paperwork, organization, etc. that goes into even small project. Just something to consider.

This brings me to the subject of facebook. I was pretty amazed to see how fast Kony 2012 spread, and it was all due to facebook, to the passing of information in seconds across thousands of miles. Looking at how gloablized our world has become, it's pretty frightening. On that note, I also think people should be careful of how they say things and what they post on this monster of facebook. I have recently read comments and status updates on facebook saying things like "f the civilians they want to send us overseas to deal with something that isnt our problem. just f them." That is absolutely ridiculous. So, just a reminder to people who rage on facebook. Don't. Because it just makes you look bad, period.

Anyways, enough of all that.
I have one day of class, one weekend, and then I will be in Seattle squeezing my nephew and hanging out in the sun eating good food, and having fun!
I cannot wait!!!!