Monday, January 7, 2013


I didn't actually get to fly on this bad boy- but it was pretty cool to look out the window in the sea-tac airport to see this!
I just returned "home" to my dorm room in Pullman, Washington- a Junior/Senior at WSU studying Pharmacy. While I was happy to come back into my routine, I think this might be one of the sadder returns I've had. In the last couple years, coming back home (real home) has been a bit of a stressful time. Between returning to my parents house and trying to balance visiting and work and play, it always seemed so nice when I got to return to my cozy little room, away from the drama that comes with any family. This last Christmas break however, seemed so low key and was refreshingly drama-free, despite a couple bumps, it was a wonderful trip. So, of course, this time I was extra sad when I returned back to school. It doesn't help that I know the next time I will get to cuddle my puppies or my mommy will be in the month of May as I'm not coming home for spring break. Spring semester is always a bit glum, what with the slump after the holidays, the dark weather, and the misconceptions about how warm it really is outside (its always windy here...), and now I just know it's going to be a long one!

The first day of class was today and this was the weather we had:

Doesn't look like much- but in the bipolar Washington weather it was windy and snowing and by early afternoon it was all slush and was "raining" snow from the trees as it all melted. There's still some on the ground of course, but man- not fun in the early morning when nothing is plowed and you have to hike all the way across campus for an 8 am unnecessary music course (don't even ask). 

While it's been a bit boring here with no homework or studying (or puzzles) to do- I know it's gonna kick up next week! Plus it's my 21st birthday tomorrow! Woot.... It doesn't seem quite as special when you're not around family but instead in class surrounded by soggy strangers. 

I was lucky enough to have a little birthday dinner with family before I left home and had my favorite birthday dish ever- Taco ring!

And of course some yummy mint ice-cream cake!

So, I guess I shouldn't be too sad- as I know good things are coming and someday I'll have my own little doggie (I really do miss them).

Happy January all!

December 2012 Birchbox

Happy January!

My sister and I recently subscribed to this wonderful little site called Birchbox.
Here's what it is:
You pay $10 per month and in return they send you an adorable box full of mid-size beauty samples, each month they send out ten different variations of boxes so everyone gets something a little different. So I've decided to make a post each month displaying the samples I got in that months box! Yes, I know it's January, but I didn't get back to school from Christmas break until Yesterday and my box arrived during break. So here goes!

My Box contained:
29 Cosmetics: 29 Preserves Skin Care Collection-
ModelCo: FIBRE LASHXTEND Lengthening Mascara-
Nicole Richie Fragrances: Nicole by Nicole Richie-
Number 4: Clarifying Shampoo-
La Fresh: Eco-Beauty Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover-
$50 off on

So far, I have only actually used the nail polish remover, as my morning was quite rushed today. But I have heard good reviews on the shampoo and the skin care collection (here- my sister got one in her box).

La Fresh: Nail Polish Remover: 
Although I'm sure this is only because the nail polish remover was acetone-free and healthy and all that, plus I'm used to the heavy duty stuff- it didn't impress me. It almost felt dry right when I opened it and it didn't feel like it was working all that well. Although I must say that it smelled lovely (like oranges) and didn't leave a nasty chemical smell at all (probably because there was no acetone- duh- but still). 

ModelCo: Lengthening Mascara:
While like I said above, I have not used this yet, I can't help but LOVE the little mirror on the side! So cute!

I know that wasn't the greatest review of my box but I'm looking forward to doing a bit more blogging and getting more boxes!