Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Today I am supposed to be finishing my final for GenEd 110 and studying Chemistry but all I can do at the moment is think of lists. So in an effort to get them out of my head and start working on what's really important I am going to record them here.

List #1 10 Cons of Dorm life

1. The internet connection is worse than in a foreign country on a boat.

2. Although it is now 24 hours quiet hours for finals week the girls down the hall insist on being nocturnal and only come out to play (loudly) at night- when I am trying to sleep.

3.My R.A. is a boy who lives on the floor above me so he doesn't enforce quiet hours on my floor very well. 

4. The walls are made of carpet- which while it does help slightly with sound, makes my calendar fall off of the wall every 2 seconds.

5. The small kitchen, or half kitchen, is always dirty because the people here are not mature enough to wipe off the microwave/oven after they are done spilling macaroni cheese all over the place.

6. Girls leave their 2 week old dirty dishes in the utility sink outside my room- making it impossible for me to use the sink and causing an unparalleled stink.

7. People always want to borrow something- printer, rice cooker, colored pencils, crayons, the list goes on and on.... and I still don't have my crayons back :(

8. People insist on knocking on the door like they're beating something- if I don't answer, there's no reason to pound and kick the door down.

9. If I leave my door open while I'm eating something a certain individual ALWAYS finds her way to my room and comments on my food.

10. It's HOT

List #2 10 Reasons I cannot wait to get home

1. The internet connection is amazing.

2. My FAMILY- all of whom I miss like crazy

3. Seeing my two best friends E and R- packages and letters can only do so much for a girl, can't wait to see them in person!

4. My dogs- it's amazing how much I miss my little Aero- she's cooler than any of my friends at school.

5. Cooking in a real kitchen again- and EATING that food :D

6. Being able to drive to the grocery store without having to wait half an hour for the bus there and back.

7. SNOW- it is NOT winter weather here- at a balmy 41 degrees and sunny, oh and there's GREEN grass everywhere.

8. Christmas cheer- it does not feel like the holidays here.

9. My BOOKS- I cannot make do with the few books I have here- even if I do have my kindle- which is amazing and I recommend to anyone out there! Although the Nook is a close-ish second.

10. My bed- I really truly love my bed at home.

Okay- I feel like a have released a little bit of my crazy list making thoughts and am ready to finish that final.