Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Today I am supposed to be finishing my final for GenEd 110 and studying Chemistry but all I can do at the moment is think of lists. So in an effort to get them out of my head and start working on what's really important I am going to record them here.

List #1 10 Cons of Dorm life

1. The internet connection is worse than in a foreign country on a boat.

2. Although it is now 24 hours quiet hours for finals week the girls down the hall insist on being nocturnal and only come out to play (loudly) at night- when I am trying to sleep.

3.My R.A. is a boy who lives on the floor above me so he doesn't enforce quiet hours on my floor very well. 

4. The walls are made of carpet- which while it does help slightly with sound, makes my calendar fall off of the wall every 2 seconds.

5. The small kitchen, or half kitchen, is always dirty because the people here are not mature enough to wipe off the microwave/oven after they are done spilling macaroni cheese all over the place.

6. Girls leave their 2 week old dirty dishes in the utility sink outside my room- making it impossible for me to use the sink and causing an unparalleled stink.

7. People always want to borrow something- printer, rice cooker, colored pencils, crayons, the list goes on and on.... and I still don't have my crayons back :(

8. People insist on knocking on the door like they're beating something- if I don't answer, there's no reason to pound and kick the door down.

9. If I leave my door open while I'm eating something a certain individual ALWAYS finds her way to my room and comments on my food.

10. It's HOT

List #2 10 Reasons I cannot wait to get home

1. The internet connection is amazing.

2. My FAMILY- all of whom I miss like crazy

3. Seeing my two best friends E and R- packages and letters can only do so much for a girl, can't wait to see them in person!

4. My dogs- it's amazing how much I miss my little Aero- she's cooler than any of my friends at school.

5. Cooking in a real kitchen again- and EATING that food :D

6. Being able to drive to the grocery store without having to wait half an hour for the bus there and back.

7. SNOW- it is NOT winter weather here- at a balmy 41 degrees and sunny, oh and there's GREEN grass everywhere.

8. Christmas cheer- it does not feel like the holidays here.

9. My BOOKS- I cannot make do with the few books I have here- even if I do have my kindle- which is amazing and I recommend to anyone out there! Although the Nook is a close-ish second.

10. My bed- I really truly love my bed at home.

Okay- I feel like a have released a little bit of my crazy list making thoughts and am ready to finish that final.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tests... Rain... and Music...

I am officially done with my first 3 college exams ever. And oh boy were they overrated.
My first one- for my Math172 class was only 10 questions- all of which I have now been tested on for 3 consecutive years.
My second one- taken today for Econ- was possibly the worst as I was literally glued to my chair by my sweaty yellow shorts adhering to the nasty aged wooden folding seats. Sad to say- embarrassed as I was I waited the full hour and 15 minutes to turn in my test in order to not have to peel myself off the seat in front of 300 some people. Meaning I went over my test again.. and again... and again.... and again... until I was just staring blankly at the spot on the board that said "35 minutes left" which in my mind translated to "35 more minutes of being stuck to this chair feeling like an idiot." Plus after my second test I had to walk in the pouring rain for 15 minutes wearing only my sweaty yellow shorts and a light jacket which if anything held the rain closer to my skin.
Which brings me to Crew- a class which I love and am sad to say is over next week with the announcements of who made the team and who did not. Hopefully I did, but seeing as I am too big to be a coxswain and at least half a foot too short to row efficiently- I don't have the highest hopes- but who knows?
My third test of the day was in the same exact room as my Econ test- therefore resulting in my spending over 3 hours in the same room that glues me ruthlessly to it's seats. Although I got smart this time and put my jacket under my butt so that IT got stuck to the seat and not me. Chem was pretty ok- but I already have my score which is a sad 80%- it's a lot higher than most the people though- lots of people didn't even finish! And even more guessed on half the things they answered.
Luckily though I got to finish my night by going to Carlo's first college concert in the Symphony- the concert was amazing. The Symphonic band was sad- a medium somewhere between Dimond's concert band and Symphonic band- I literally cringed through 2/3s of their music. But the Wind Symphony was AMAZING- would have been the best of the night had it not been for the fact that the Symphony was playing my favorite song "The Moldau."
Anyways- my bed is calling my name and the night time theraflu I just took is causing my mind to shut down.
Happy (almost) Friday!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Simple Womans Day Book



Outside My Window...
 The wind is blowing in, accelerated by the large food trucks bringing in snacks for all the hungry college students in my dorm. A staircase leads up from the bottom of my tower to the main street to the college. The sky is gray and chilly enough to know that fall is here!
I am thinking...
 I should not be blogging but should instead be starting and finishing my first college paper, due tomorrow for my World Civ class. I am also debating on eating this juicy peach that is sitting on my desk, staring me in the face. My thoughts are also on my Row class- I am so hoping to make the team! Class tonight is in the Urrrgggg room- not a nice change from the wonderful tank a WSU alumni donated. Look at it here. This is where I spend time everyday from 5-6pm!

I am thankful for...
 The opportunity to be in college- just last night I overheard a girl argueing with her mom about college; how to afford it, what she wants to do with her degree, etc. etc. I am so thankful to have a family that is still together and fully supportive of whatever career path I may choose.
On a slightly less serious note- I am thankful they have fruit here in my dining hall! So many of my friends are deprived of delicious peaches and yummy bananas- thank goodess for downstates having fruit!

From the learning rooms...
 I am currently taking 5 classes; microeconomics, chemistry, calculus 2, World Civ, and "Learn to Row." I must say that I am enjoying both my microeconomics class and my world civ class much more than I thought I would. My learn to row class is much more like a sports team as we meet everyday and work out our BODS. My back and shoulders are aching in that way that says "We worked HARD!" Gotta say its a  good feeling after having such a lazy summer. This week, as it is after a 3 day weekend, has been jampacked with club meetings, row class, homework, and new videogames, that I barely have time to sleep! It's so nice to be busy again.

From the kitchen...
 From MY "kitchen" just came a fresh pot of coffee- which I am enjoying as I type, and a lovely little peach. Breakfast this morning was a step up from the regular cereal as I was able to go to the dining hall as I have no class until 3. Biscuits and gravy are now settled happily in my stomach :)
 On a sour note- I am no longer allowed to enjoy freshly steamed broccoli in my room as everyone in my hall claims "it stinks everything up" - oh am I bitter.....

I am wearing...
 Whitney's old Alaska Grown sweatshirt, Dad's/Mom's/Kelsey's/Whitney's old red feltex ropes shirt- such a family tradition, blue running shorts, and my new blue socks. I have successfully learned how to make my room cold so that I can be comfy wearing sweatshirts and socks and wrap my new fuzzy "baby" blankey aroud my self with pleasure. I don't think my roommate enjoys this weather as she always closes the window and curtain....

I am creating...
 A masterepiece of a paper on whether or not the civilization of Mesopotamia was exclusively male dominated... well I am supposed to be :)
I am also trying to create a better body by:
1. Eating more fruits/veggies
2. Working harder in Crew
3. Running to Crew- only a 7ish minute run BUT up HUGEEEEE hills- killer
4. Joining Rugby :D
5. Not stuffing my face on the bag of truffles Dad sent me

I am going...
 To the football game this Saturday! I just recently obtained a sports pass and cannot wait to go cheer on the cougar football team in their game against montana state- GO COUGS!

I am reading...
 For school- "The First Civilization of Mesopotamia"- gotta say- it's pretty interesting
 For fun- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- have to reread them all before the 7th (part 1) movie comes out in November!

I am hoping...
 To make the Crew team, get all A's, get skinnier, keep my fish alive all year, make some FRIENDS- which I suck at :(, persuade my bamboo plant to grow in a spiral (my friend Nicole told me how), and to go somewhere fun for Thanksgiving!

I am hearing...
 The buzzing of my refridgerator, the bustle of those bigs trucks outside, my fish ( Ferdinand) taping against the glass, and the song "Wednesday Morning, 3 am" by Simon & Garfunkel- possibly my favorite song of theirs.

Around the house...
 Wish I had one- but around my DORM- my closet is recently cleaned, my rug straightened, my shoes lined up against my bed post, my desk covered with hmwk but clean other than that, my dishes in need of washing, my water bottle supply in need of replacing, and my fish happily swimming around with his new octopus buddy in his little bowl. My bed is made- though slightly falling off, and my books are lined up nicely on the shelf. :D

One of my favorite things...
 Thursday mornings when I have alone time after breakfast to clean, mess around, do homework, skype with family, and read or do whatever I want. There is truly something nice about waking up and being ALIVE in the mornings- I do not understand how people can sleep the day away.
And I must add one of my LEAST favorite things- how early it gets dark here- I feel like it's winter already!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
 I stated earlier about my plans for the football game, but I also have plans to go to Safeway or the Bookie for some good letter-writing stationery, to finish this stupid paper, to participate in a fun "experiment" game online for econ tonight- only college gives you extra credit for playing a buy/sell game online, accompanying my boyfriend to his "break dance club" meetings (aka watch him dance) which I gotta say- its fun to see him having fun, and possibly go to Moscow for a secret mission- which will be revealed AFTER it happens. :)

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
A yummy dessert I had at a nice resaurant in Barcelona!