Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hooks and Needles

I learned how to knit from my 1-2 grade teacher Cheryl Hilmes. We got to pick two colors of yarn and two colors of clay (I made mine match of course) and made our own wooden needles with clay toppers, then proceeded to make these awesome square hats with tassels on top. Honestly you can't get cooler than that, but I didn't knit again until a couple years ago when I decided to make my boyfriend some mittens out of this lovely gray and white yarn my sister spun. I only ended up making one (and still haven't finished the other one). What a nice girlfriend I am right? Anyways, despite my lack of diligence in starting and finishing projects I recently tried picking up crochet again, which until a couple weeks ago I only knew how to make long long loong chains. I have now made 4 headbands, am on my fifth and am about to try and make my newest nephew a baby blanket. So I don't know what changed but I love love finishing a project, especially one that takes only 2 hours max from start to finish. If you didn't see my last post here's a picture of my "works" so far.

I am still a beginner, with only a couple types of stitches down, but soon I hope to make some cute little amigurumi, which if you don't know what those are go here. Can't wait to see where else this takes me!

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  1. The headbands look great! Loved your other pics too, our mac was in for repair so I didn't read your posts until now! LOVE you