Monday, February 20, 2012

Ecosystem Life Notebooks

I'm not usually one to be extreme about recycling and such. Not that I don't think we need to preserve our natural resources and leave a softer footprint on our Earth, I just grew up in a place that did not (and doesn't really still) facilitate recycling as much as other places. But I have got to say this company is amazing.

I went to our campus bookstore to buy a moleskin book for recording my efforts at the gym, which I have been going to almost every day now, and stumbled upon a display of "Ecosystem Life" notebooks. At first I was drawn to them for the bright colors, and then the possibility of a cheaper price.

Well I ended up buying one, and when I began unwrapping it at home I read the front inside cover which says underneath the line where you enter your contact info

"If found, refer to the ID number on the back pocket and go to"

I thought "whoa, no way," and sure enough there was a little code in a leaf on the back page. But it gets even better. When I went to register my new little book online there's a page called "ingredients." Once there you can register the same code and find out where, when, with what, and by how many people your book was made! It is so cool to me to be able to see behind the scenes of something as simple as a notebook, and that it took 291 people (purely in the United States!) collectively to produce it.

Just thought I'd share this nifty little moment of my day.



  1. That's crazy! I want one!!! I want to know all the little details of my little notebook :)

    PS whats with all the weird spam followers of your blog?

    Love you!

  2. I just deleted and blocked them all! How does that even happen?!?! So scary..... And you should get one! I wish I had gotten a bigger one to actually journal in too