Monday, April 18, 2011

Philippines Food Night!

Tonight Carlo and I fried up the rest of the Tapa we made together.
If you are confused as to what "Tapa" is- it's a Filipino food, beef strips marinated in garlic, soy sauce, sugar and other stuff (if you want to make it HERE is the recipe we used)
Five months ago I had no clue what Tapa even was, but after spring break Carlo's mom sent us home with some that were frozen so that all we had to do was fry it up when we got here. Well, I loved it. Loved it! So we finished off the stuff she sent us and proceeded to ask her for the recipe so that we could attempt it ourselves.
We went to Wal Mart this last weekend and picked up all the ingredients, then came home and made a HUGE batch (if that's the right word.) It's a bit (ok a LOT) different than Flor's, but still delicious! And tonight's was very yummy! So maybe by the time I need to, I will be able to successfully cook Filipino food! I'm learning anyways- I'm learning :)

So happy and hungry and ready to eat!

The overall meal- Egg + Rice + Tapa = Delicious/Tapsilog!

A close-up :P

So if your mouth wasn't watering from the description, hopefully these pictures helped! 

I am so thankful for everything, and tonight was one of those nights that really made me realize what a lucky girl I am.


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