Monday, April 4, 2011

A Little Bit....

Is the title of my new favorite song. Sung by Lykke Li (pronounced Lick-E-Lee), Swedish indie singer whose music style, voice, and fashion style I love.


She also seems to have a simple outlook on life, and I find it a nice break from the everyday grind of labs and homework to read about her adventures around the world. Watch her video of Little Bit.

I am also loving rain lately. Not that I didn't before. But the pitter patter on the window next to me brings so many thoughts and feelings. Memories of camping when I was young. Of writing stories in a blue notebook. Of rolling around in the deep puddles my street at home acquires. Of what I should be working on.

The feeling of the rain on my toes as I wore my sandals to dinner was delightful and cold.
The feeling of warmth as I am under the covers looking out at the clean green wet world.
The grass is green.
There are daffodils blooming in front of my door.
The world is coming back to life with the rain.

Four days until Seattle.

Back to work.



  1. This is Carlo:

    Liked this blog a lot =].
    I can't describe the light rain today as anything but refreshing. Especially after orchestra rehearsal.

    Love you <3.

  2. It rained here today too, but it wasn't nearly as nice as you described it. It's just grey and depressing here :( I wish there was something green and alive out there...miss you!