Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Productive Procrastination

Today has ended up being one of those days where you realize just how much you have coming up. In my case a test tomorrow on an insane class, an insane assignment due tomorrow for my other insane class, a discussion online for a not so insane class and a 5 page paper due friday for that same class.
So what do I do? Anything BUT those things of course.

However since college I like to think of my procrastination as productive as opposed to high school where procrastination meant hours on facebook looking at who knows what.

Today- while I was supposed to be working on the beastly math assignment I thoroughly cleaned my boyfriends suite. Yes, his suite. He has his own room and shares a bathroom and living room area with two other roommates. Both of whom love to drink powerades and leave them all over the place and just be dirty in general. So I cleaned the dishes Carlo and I had used earlier in the too-small sink in their bathroom (which luckily is cleaned by the dorm so I didn't have to worry about that!) And as I was drying them with my ipod on blasting my inspiring cleaning music, I felt compelled to clean everything. This includes organizing Carlo's desk, hanging up stray sweatshirts, making the bed, putting miscellaneous things away, and scrubbing the lanoleum floor with clorox wipes until my finger tips were pruny from the cleaning chemicals.

As I went to the bathroom to wash my hands after the work was done I spotted the ever messy ps3 area. And couldn't help myself but clean up all their bottles, straighten the pillows they love to rearrange, and clean the dirtiest floor I have ever cleaned, which is saying a lot. Well, I managed to finish everything in about an hour and a half, perfect timing for Carlo to come back from his quartet practice and come home to a nice clean room.

Although I made no progress on my work in those two hours, I did make the suite much more tolerable and made the boyfriend happy in the process :)
So I would say it was a productive procrastination, and that if I learn nothing else here at college paying $40 a class I have learned how to clean the right way


  1. hehe inspiring cleaning music :) i miss you!

  2. Sounds like fun! I love to clean when I have lots of homework I should be doing :)