Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It seems like everyone I know right now is busy.

Me with classes and school and life in general.
My sister Kelsey, with kids and knitting and organization
My sister Whitney with work and home and school and everything between
My mom with her busy season at work
My dad with work and managing everything at home while my mom is busy at work for 12 hours
My best friends with school and music and random sports
Even random people I walk by at school are listing off the many things they have to do this semester or weekend.

It's midterm time here at WSU, in fact I've already had one of my 6 tests, and stress is at a high with rugby (which I seem to be going to less and less often) and labs (which they thought would be fun to make even MORE stressful than last semester) and being able to return my kindle.
Returning the kindle should have been a simple "tape-on-label-drive-to-store-forget-about" type of thing but no, I don't have a car, the campus doesnt have a UPS place, I don't have box tape, and if I don't send it out within thiry days from 1/20/11 I will be charged a whopping $250 replacement fee. It's all I can think about.
So please pray that I get it sent out. Who knew something so small could be so stressful that I wake up thinking about it and spend my days figuring out ways to get it in the mail without spending $5 on a cab or for a pick-up.

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  1. Just think, midterms! That means you are half way done! :) Love you and hang in there