Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Outside My Window... I can see nothing. It's pitch black outside, not that I can see out my window right now as my roommate insists on closing it all the time.

I am thinking... that I am sick of this dorm business and am ready to just move into my own place. My roommate is great- girls on my floor- not so much. How did I get the room next to the loudest girls on my floor? I am also thinking that I should be getting to bed as tomorrow should be a long day.

I am thankful for... the three day weekend coming up.

From the learning rooms... I just started school again, so I have six new classes going on right now. The two math classes are kind of a lot- but I'm enjoying it and the new topics.

From the kitchen... I cannot stop eating all of the macadamia nut kisses my doggy got me from Hawaii

I am wearing... Layered tank tops as the heat in our building is on the fritz, my comfy Joe's jeans, acorn slippers, and my tie blanket I made with my two best friends.

I am creating... the longest math problem I have ever done. It is a beast. No joke.

I am going... to eat biscuits and gravy for breakfast. I can't wait :D I'm pretty sure that breakfast is the best part of my day for thevery reason of those flaky biscuits.

I am reading... The Truth About Forever. A book by Sarah Dessen- one of my favorite authors. I also recently- as in 10 minutes ago- bought Anna and the French Kiss on my kindle, due to a recommendation from my friend who blogged about it :)
I am hoping... that I can find a good church in this tiny town. I had found what I thought was a good one- but alas- it wasn't. So now I'm on the search again. Something that contains NO joy, especially without a car.

I am hearing... Regina Spektor's Samson, possibly my favorite song about her. And the crazy girls SCREAMING in the hallway at 11pm- 2 hours after quiet hours started.....

Around the house... what house??????? :( Oh you mean my room? I guess I'm lucky that I have a clean roommate- my room is spotless in comparison to other girls in my hall who could make it on to the Hoarders show no problem.

One of my favorite things... is reading. I love the escape and the fantasy of it all. When I stop and remember they're just words I can't believe the impact it can have.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I am planning on finishing homework tomorrow so I can enjoy the long three day weekend and be ready for Rugby next week.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

My Grandpa Wes and I- I love this!


  1. :) I'm glad you bought Anna and the French Kiss, it was completely adorable. Very Sarah Dessen/Meg Cabot. And I know what blanket you're talking about. And I love Regina. AND YOU! I can't believe I haven't seen you since August :( we need to Skype this semester, is what I'm thinking.

  2. glad to see you blogging again. Sorry about the loud people, I would probably have to kill them :) Love you!

  3. Oh and that was me commenting btw, I don't know why it did not show my picture and link to my profile...