Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tests... Rain... and Music...

I am officially done with my first 3 college exams ever. And oh boy were they overrated.
My first one- for my Math172 class was only 10 questions- all of which I have now been tested on for 3 consecutive years.
My second one- taken today for Econ- was possibly the worst as I was literally glued to my chair by my sweaty yellow shorts adhering to the nasty aged wooden folding seats. Sad to say- embarrassed as I was I waited the full hour and 15 minutes to turn in my test in order to not have to peel myself off the seat in front of 300 some people. Meaning I went over my test again.. and again... and again.... and again... until I was just staring blankly at the spot on the board that said "35 minutes left" which in my mind translated to "35 more minutes of being stuck to this chair feeling like an idiot." Plus after my second test I had to walk in the pouring rain for 15 minutes wearing only my sweaty yellow shorts and a light jacket which if anything held the rain closer to my skin.
Which brings me to Crew- a class which I love and am sad to say is over next week with the announcements of who made the team and who did not. Hopefully I did, but seeing as I am too big to be a coxswain and at least half a foot too short to row efficiently- I don't have the highest hopes- but who knows?
My third test of the day was in the same exact room as my Econ test- therefore resulting in my spending over 3 hours in the same room that glues me ruthlessly to it's seats. Although I got smart this time and put my jacket under my butt so that IT got stuck to the seat and not me. Chem was pretty ok- but I already have my score which is a sad 80%- it's a lot higher than most the people though- lots of people didn't even finish! And even more guessed on half the things they answered.
Luckily though I got to finish my night by going to Carlo's first college concert in the Symphony- the concert was amazing. The Symphonic band was sad- a medium somewhere between Dimond's concert band and Symphonic band- I literally cringed through 2/3s of their music. But the Wind Symphony was AMAZING- would have been the best of the night had it not been for the fact that the Symphony was playing my favorite song "The Moldau."
Anyways- my bed is calling my name and the night time theraflu I just took is causing my mind to shut down.
Happy (almost) Friday!

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  1. Glad your test are going well!!! It was super windy here today, a real blustery day in the neighborhood :) We missed you at Noah's birthday, it was a blast!!! xoxo good job updating!